Joker's Quest 1 Review

Posted by Admin

The first time I played Joker's Quest, I was addicted. So, this is how the storyline goes. The villain in this game is the Red Octopus, who had kidnapped a princess by the name of Sephine. She was captured from her Kingdom, Luphia. Your job is to find the princess and bring her back. You also need to bring back the Light Pearls as well. The game is quite comical since you are the court jester who is sent out by the king. Usually they send the knights to do those sort of tasks, not the jester. But that is what makes it so funny.

In the game, you can either choose easy or hard. I recommend starting off easy so that way you don’t get frustrated easily. In the game, there is an easy navigational display that you can use to move around. Just select any level of your choice and it will take you there right away. There are four worlds in total and many levels in each world. Your goal in each level is to pick up pearls and collect them. Keep them in a safe place on you so you can move onto the next level. If you do not collect enough pearls, you won’t be able to go into the next level.

I began playing the first level which to me was just the basics. My curiosity soared as the levels became more difficult and I started to wonder how difficult this game would be. Even after playing for a couple hours, I was still stuck on the same world. I thought I would get past at least one world but that is not the case with this game. You will need to learn how to navigate in the game like dropping objects or moving through the water. For example, I learned how to channel tons of bubbles away from me and also how to pick up, then move the rocks to another place by dropping them. This is vital to know when it comes to your game play so you might as well practice.

I played Joker’s Quest on my Dell laptop and everything looked magnificent. The quality of the graphics really stood out. You can also hear light Caribbean music playing in the background as you go through certain levels. To me, this felt like a peaceful game. I am not the type of person who likes shooter games, gory games, or anything with violence. Overall, I give this game a 9 out of 10.