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Joker's Quest for Pocket PC, Palm Pilot and SmartPhone
JewelHunter  for Pocket PC, Palm Pilot and SmartPhone
Joker's Quest 2 for Pocket PC, Palm Pilot and SmartPhone
Joker's Quest
PocketPC, PalmOS, SmartPhone

Joker's Quest... 125 levels in four beautiful underwater worlds with four amazing bosses, what else do you need??? Let's ride...

JewelHunter™ -  Hunt for jewels through more than 120 leves in five mysteriuos wolrds with Sarah or Johnny, use your brain and combine it with quick reflexes - that's JewelHunter(TM) - a funny and exciting arcade andventure game for all ages.
Joker's Quest II
PocketPC, PalmOS, SmartPhone

Ryper is back and his mind is full with only one thing: Revenge. That's Joker's Quest II™ - the second episode of the funny action strategy game in a beautiful underwater world.
Combo Tower for Pocket PC, Palm Pilot and SmartPhone BArbarians  for Pocket PC, Palm Pilot and SmartPhone SexyPack  for Pocket PC, Palm Pilot and SmartPhone
Combo Tower 3D

Combo Tower is a three dimensional logical game with a lot of fun and challenge to all. Rotate and slide the tower in 3D to get Combos. One more dimension makes this game a lot more fun!
Coming soon.

Swords, muscles, fight. Kill or be killed. A classical fighting game...
Sexy Game Pack
Coming soon.

Girls and games. What else do you need? We took things, what everybody loves, and put them together. Amusing games and beautiful girls. Pure fun at it's best!
Legacy  for Pocket PC, Palm Pilot and SmartPhone Eliminator  for Pocket PC, Palm Pilot and SmartPhone Traffic Mania for Pocket PC, Palm Pilot and SmartPhone
PocketPC, PalmOS

Redshift Legacy is a fantasy, round-based rpg with professional graphics, and really large world to explore, including tons of items and monsters. Check Legacy PPC page or Legacy Palm page for more information.
Coming soon.

Eliminator, a 4 plane parallax scrolling classical space arcade shooter, the navigation and shooting system is optimized for the PDA and Smartphone platform. It will contain prerendered 3D enemies and a lot of action of course.
Traffic Mania
PocketPC, PalmOS, SmartPhone

Traffic Mania is our new, weird puzzle game with secret agents, bombs and a lady with HUGE lips. This fantastic puzzle game includes over 300 levels, 3 different characters to play and different game rules for each character.

2009. 06. 02.
Traffic Mania for IPhone is coming soon...!

PocketPC Downloads:
 Traffic Mania
 Joker's Quest
 Joker's Quest II
 Jewel Hunter

Smartphone Downloads:
 Traffic Mania
 Joker's Quest
 Joker's Quest II
 Jewel Hunter

Palm Downloads:
 Traffic Mania

For your PocketPC:
Traffic Mania     -14.95$
Joker's Quest   -19.99$
Joker's Quest II -19.99$
Jewel Hunter   -19.99$
ComboTower3D   -19.99$

For your MSSmartphone:
Traffic Mania    -9.95$
Joker's Quest   -9.99$
Joker's Quest II  -14.95$
Jewel Hunter   -14.99$

For your Palmtop:
Traffic Mania     -14.95$

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