Combo Tower 3D Game Review

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Combo Tower 3D is a game you play from your own logic and will definitely challenge you. The goal is to rotate and then slide the tower in order to get combos. The reason why so many people like this game is because it’s visually appealing with the three dimensional effect.

Combo Tower 3D is a great game for kids who are looking for a challenge. It is also great for adults who just want to kill time at work, waiting for the bus, or even for home. This is not your typical shooter or adventure game. There is no violence or anything not suitable for kids in this game. This is why so many parents like this game for their children. The best part is that it is a mind teaser. They say that some games enhance your mind, helping you make quick decisions and also aid in problem solving.

Some studies even suggest that children who play games like Combo Tower 3D are more intelligent, often surpassing their peers in school. Although they are not learning about the ABC’s or math, eye-hand coordination is still important. This will teach them how to build things, work on their balance and even aid in counting which is similar to mathematical skills.

Features of Combo Tower 3D

  • The full version allows you to play without being limited to some of the aspects of the game. It also has increased difficulty for those looking for a challenge.
  • There are up to 100 metals to win in this game. The medals are from four different categories. This gives you plenty to look forward to when you play.
  • There is a twisted mode which makes your gaming experience more of a challenge.
  • Up to 50 combos with great GFX and sound effects.
  • Beginners can choose easy mode. If you have played this before, hard mode is also available. We suggest playing the game once and then on your second time, you can make it more challenging.
  • Save your game whenever you would like. You can turn back on your game and play right where you left off.

If you plan on playing this on your PocketPC, make sure you have 3MB of storage memory and 9MB of program memory. If you do not, you need to delete other programs on your PocketPC. Also, if you own a Smartphone, you could always play this game on there. Just go to your applications to find the game.