Age of Empires Review by MDM

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If you are a hardcore real time strategy fan, Age Of Empires might be the perfect game you’ve been searching for all this time. Age Of Empires can be played on your Pocket PC or even on a computer desktop. Take this game with you anywhere you go and you’ll always be free from boredom.

The handheld version of this game has the same features as the desktop version. You will be able to play in different modes such as random map, Campaign, death match and scenario. In this game, time is sensitive since you are in charge of a large civilization over many decades. The first age is during the Stone Age and after that you have the Tool Age. There is also the Bronze Age which makes way toward the Iron Age. All of this takes place from 12,000 BC to 500 AD.

Your goal in this game is to build and also grow the population. There will be neighboring enemies around you and you will need to invade their territory before taking over. You must destroy their population and after you will be able to expand your people to this area. During the game play, you will find helpful artifacts or even abandoned ruins that your civilization can take advantage of.

If you plan on playing either Random map or the Death Match game, there are a few ways to win. For example, the first player who finds all of the artifacts will win. Then we have Ruins. The player that controls and holds all of the Ruins is an automatic winner.You can also win by building and holding a Wonder will win. And lastly, we have the fighter. Whomever completes the Conquest by destroying all their enemies will win.

You see, this game is creative and unique in it’s own way. This is because there are different tasks for each person. With the Campaign mode, you can pick from eight different Campaigns. Everyone has it’s own map and goal when it comes to victory. With Scenario mode, you are presented with two dozen combos between the amount of players, conditions of the climate/background and also resources.

Currently there is no multiplayer mode but this may or may not change in the future. You can choose from five different difficulty levels and also customize your game. When we say customize, we mean changing the music or even adjusting the sound. What is really cool is that you can also change the scroll speed.

This game normally relies on your stylus if you don’t plan to play on the PC. Overall, this game is tons of fun and you are left with plenty of opportunities when it comes to playing.