Game Review of Flux Challenge

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Flux Challenge is a new three-dimensional racing game made especially for the PocketPC. Peek into the future and discover underground tunnels that were built just for trains. Eventually, they began to use these tunnels for transportation and racing as well. The vehicles began to levitate once they used them for the tunnels. It was like they could fly. In the storyline, long ago a racer was killed during the racing sport. Because of this, they made the sport safer by shutting down the tracks for awhile. New tracks were built but this time they had more to offer. For example, the tracks consisted of a three level system. These levels included practice, time trials, and career.

During practice mode, you are able to race in any unlocked track and also an unlocked vehicle. This is important for those who want to build skills for the career or time mode. In time mode, you will need to beat your own times. Let’s say for example, your first race is 4 minutes and 3 seconds. You'll want to beat that by at least fifty seconds if possible. There is also the career mode where you can try to make your way to the place of Flux Champion.

In this game, your goal is to soar through the tunnels without crashing into the sides or with other vehicles. You won't have the ability to accelerate or stop. The reason why they created the game like this is so it’s simplified for users, while still being fun to play. You are essentially floating at high speeds, doing anything to dodge obstacles in your way. In each race, you are required to pay a fee to get into the race. When winning some races, your entry fee is returned or you can have the cost of entry split. You can also have your ship’s rental fee returned. You need to work your way up to racing in the Grand Flux and winning in 1st place.

What are the features of Flux Challenge?

  • Top quality graphics when viewed on the Pocket PC.
  • Packed with nonstop action.
  • Up to 24 different races you can play from.
  • Choose from six different ships when racing.
  • There are total of three game modes for replay value.
  • The game has it's own original soundtrack, created by Jason Surguine.
  • This is the best game from the same authors of Snails, Anthelion and GameBox.