Review of Jewel Hunter, on PocketPC or SmartPhone

Posted by Admin

Are you looking for a game that captures your attention and is challenging at the same time? Imagine hunting for the most precious jewels of the world, dazzling right in front of your eyes. With over 120 levels and five beautiful worlds to dive into, this game will never bore you. The characters you can play with are Johnny and Sarah. This funny and exciting game has so many adventures to take you through. It is similar to a brain workout and will give you quicker reflexes when it comes to gaming online.

Here are a few of the features this Jewel Hunter includes:

  • Square screen devices are supported with 240x240 screen visuals.
  • There is one new game feature which allows you to toggle gates via remote control.
  • Tons of enemies to fight in the game. You never fight the same character.
  • The 5 worlds include the lovely Candy Land, Swamp Word, the dry Mexican Desert, a cold Arctic Iceland and the terrifying Cemetery.
  • Up to 100 levels to play through and you also have 20 helpful tutorial levels as well.
  • Choose from a wide array of tools. There are also different weapons you can pick such as detonators or dynamite. You will also be able to kick any object or use a powerful hammer to smash stones and enemies. There are also other ways to defeat your enemies besides these weapons.
  • Figure out how to use key combinations and pick your way through various doors.
  • Up to 2 soundtracks with fun sound effects to enhance your gaming experience.
  • The caves will allow you to collect trophy cups and higher scores.
  • You can save or load your game whenever you like. No more having to start over.
  • Post your high score online for others to see.
  • Switch from portrait or landscape mode. This gives you a better viewing experience.
  • You can either play as Johnny or his sibling, Sarah.
  • The graphics are hi-resolution, allowing you to enjoy the visuals of the game more.
  • Amazing SFX and music.

With so many options in this game, we are sure you will like it. If you have a PocketPC, you will be able to play this phone. For those of you who own smartphones, you’ll be able to download the game as an application. Be sure you upgrade your application as much as possible in order to enjoy the game.