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JewelHunter™ -  Hunt for jewels through more than 120 leves in five mysteriuos wolrds with Sarah or Johnny, use your brain and combine it with quick reflexes - that's JewelHunter(TM) - a funny and exciting arcade andventure game for all ages. The usual Pocketnapalm quality graphics, unique gameplay and brilliant music in this console quality game to your PDA!

  • Now supports 240x320 QVGA, 320x240 QVGA Landscape, 240x240 Square Screen devices also!
  • Exciting new game features such as remote controlled gates toggled by magic switches; 90° rotation of the screen; many new enemiesgrowing amoebas and deadly lava; tricky doors and keys; and much more...
  • 5 new worlds (Candy Land; Swamp World; Mexican Desert; Arctic Iceland and Scary Cemetery).
  • 100 Game levels and 20 Tutorial levels.
  • New tools and weapons including detonators and dynamite; timed bombs; the ability to kick objects and stone-smashing hammers.
  • Various doors and matching key combinations.
  • Cool sound effects and two different soundtracks!
  • Perfect cave solutions awarded extra scores and trophy cups!
  • Save/load game feature which lets you save and continue your game anytime/anywhere!
  • Eight 'beamable' slave slots!
  • Ability to post Highscores to the Internet, Highscores and Saved games can be beamed... even between different platform releases via Irda or Bluetooth!
  • Portrait or landscape mode, player controlled Hints System as well as the option to play as either

    or his sister
  • Enjoy huge game levels; hi-resolution graphics; hi-fidelity SFX and music…!

  • Smartphone 2002,2003,SE or WM5 (Arm/XScale processor)
  • 3 MB free storage memory
  • 4/6 MB free program memory (Generic/QVGA)

    Screen shots:

    TNT is usefull...

    Bombs also...

    Like the colored keys.

    Make diamonds...

    Open gates with switches...

    Even rotate the screen!

    Sophisticated menu system

    Arctic Iceland

    Scary Cemetery

    Mexican Desert

    Swamp World

    Candy Land

    New enemies and bonuses

    Gates and swithes

    Deadly lava

    Magic walls

    TNT and detonators

    Screen rotation
    Version history:

    JewelHunter™ 1.0

  • Initital release

    JewelHunter™ 1.03

  • Minor bugfixes, time adder corrected, QVGA support added

    JewelHunter™ 1.04

  • Minor bugfixes,QVGA landscape,Square Screen support added
  • PocketPC Downloads:
     Traffic Mania
     Joker's Quest
     Joker's Quest II
     Jewel Hunter

    Smartphone Downloads:
     Traffic Mania
     Joker's Quest
     Joker's Quest II
     Jewel Hunter

    Palm Downloads:
     Traffic Mania

    For your PocketPC:
    Traffic Mania     -14.95$
    Joker's Quest   -19.99$
    Joker's Quest II -19.99$
    Jewel Hunter   -19.99$
    ComboTower3D   -19.99$

    For your MSSmartphone:
    Traffic Mania    -9.95$
    Joker's Quest   -9.99$
    Joker's Quest II  -14.95$
    Jewel Hunter   -14.99$

    For your Palmtop:
    Traffic Mania     -14.95$

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