Platypus Game Review

Posted by Admin

When you hear the word Platypus, your first thought is most likely the mammal. However, this game is not about a Platypus. It is actually a shooter game with clear graphics and claymation-style effects. Once you begin playing the game, you feel like you are in a wild Sci-fi world. You will be in the driver's seat of a huge spaceship that blasts away anything that moves around it.

You must be careful because there are large objects traveling in the sky which may travel toward you at a rapid speed. Be quick and blast them away. Also be on the lookout for smaller ships and blast them with your missile. All of the enemy ships are different in size. You will find ships bigger than yours or tiny ships.

The game might not seem realistic for you because of the falling fruit but this is really a bonus. You can collect fruit, armoury boosts, and even power ups. Some of these game bonuses will allow you to upgrade your weapons. With a weapon upgrade, you will have faster gunfire and also powerful sonic waves.

One of the reasons why I like this game is because it is smooth to play. The animation and graphics are really fast. There is no lagging or down time. It also looks great on either Pocket PC or Windows Mobile. Something unique that I found about this game are the scrolling backgrounds. They are actually multi-layered so it will give extra depth to the graphics. You have to see it for yourself to understand. The soundtrack is pretty awesome too and you will never get tired of it. I find that in most other games, I become annoyed with the soundtrack and often turn it off. Not with this game though.

With a total of 4 clay worlds and at least 20 levels, there is plenty to do when you play this game. The authors and animators who created this game pulled it off beautifully and I believe they should make a continuation. My only complaint is that it should be more challenging. I found most of the levels insanely easy but this is probably because I have been gaming for fifteen years.

Right now you will need to go online to download this game if you want to play. I do recommend you purchase this game because it is my top favorite among the hundreds of games that I currently own.