Myst Game Review

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In 1995, a video game called Myst was created and little did people know that this would be one of the most popular classics in the Pocket PC gaming industry. Even Ten years after this game was created, it is still being played. One of the reasons why the game became so popular is because they put so much detail into it. The graphics are stunning and the sound effects really capture your attention.The storyline is almost like a movie - you’ll be waiting for the next level just so you can see what happens next. Please note that if you plan on playing on your Pocket PC, you will need Macromedia Flash Player.

In the storyline of Myst, you discover a dusty book with no known author or date. The only writing on the book was the words scribbled “Myst” on the front cover. The description is about a hidden island. As you near to the end of the book, you begin to feel funny. Your world fades away, everything disappearing. Now you are taken to that same island you read about in the book. The only thing to do on the island is just to explore and survive. There are plenty of puzzles that you need to solve on the island, so you will have plenty to do.

One of the features of Myst is that you have different ages to play from. These include the Mechanical Age, The Stoneship Age, the Channelwood Age and the Selenitic Age. In the book, there is a message that is distorted looking and cannot be read no matter how close you look. Every time you complete an age, you receive red or blue pages for the book. The more pages you collect to add to the book will slowly start to reveal what the hidden message means. It is like a magical book that comes to life, but only by you.

In the game, clues are literally everywhere and it is up to you to pay attention. Even the sound effects from the game are clues themselves. In each picture which contains places, you need to either tap on or move to the next screen. This is like a puzzle where you interact with objects. The navigation is fairly easy since you only have to tap somewhere to get there.

Overall, Myst is a great game for anyone to play and it has a mind blowing storyline as well. We guarantee you will play for hours on end.