Snails Review

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Snails is a fun and comical strategy game for either the Pocket PC, PC, Palm OS, or any Microsoft Smartphone. The graphics are out of this world and so is the background music. You will absolutely love playing this game for hours on end. Of course, this game leans more toward a younger audience ranging from kids six to fifteen. They also include multiplayer if you want to team up with a friend and play. It took roughly two years for this game to be developed and even won a few international awards. On the front of the game, you will see the words ‘’Snails’’ in large letters with couple snails next to the words.

The storyline of Snails starts with an ancient planet called Schnoogie. In this planet, there are three different types of snail races. You have the Moogums, Lupeez, and Nooginz. One day the planet was very peaceful. The snails don’t like when it’s peaceful because there is no war. For the longest time, these snails have been fighting with each other in a race for domination of the planet.

On Earth, most snails are known to be very slow and often get stepped on. If you go to the planet of Schnoogie, you’ll notice that this isn’t the case. These snails are able to run fast and they can also jump high. What is even more amazing is that the snails have been trained to arm themselves. They can use heavy artillery and weapons. It is your job to determine what snail race wins.

Features of Snails game

  • The graphics are incredible, featuring hand drawn art and animation.
  • Special effects include flames, explosions, snail trials, and even weather effects.
  • The audio and music is quite comical with their hilarious sound effects and animated game voices.
  • This game won’t slow down or have poor quality. It is always clear and has intuitive controls.
  • Each of the races are different, having preference to culture, what they eat, how they act, etc.
  • Up to ten different levels like the Ancient Desert Sands, the freezing Snowfields, alien Outer Space, and even under the sea.
  • Realsitic physicals are present in this game. For example, the wind may slow down or make your snail move faster. In outer space, there is no gravity.
  • Tons of weapons to pick from. There are exactly 25 of them. These include pistols, staple guns, grenades, tear gas, air strikes, and more.
  • Registered users are able to take advantage of add-on levels in the game.