Traffic Mania Game Review

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Released in 2003 by PDAmill, Traffic Mania is a puzzle game that includes a vast, lighted city and of course-tons of traffic to get through. On the front cover of this game is a woman who has huge lips named Gwndy with a man next to her by the name of Butch. He is holding a bomb is his hand that is about to explode. The main goal of this game is to try and remove your car from the traffic. You can do that by moving the cars that around you to another place. With more than 300 levels, you’ll be playing for a long time. Best of all is that you can play from three different characters in the game.

In the game, you will find that it has top secret agents and plenty of bombs. Although this is a puzzle game, it still has the same effect as a racing game. This means you’ll be hooked on the game for many weeks or months, depending on how much you play. With an hour a day, you will be stuck on this game for a few months. It is also great for kids, young teens, and adults who are looking for a game during their spare time. Play it while you are waiting in line, at the bus stop, on your lunch break, or even during school break.

In order to get up to 300 levels in this game, you will most likely need to purchase the full version. As you up a level every time, it becomes more difficult for you to play. This is one of the perks of the game if you are looking for a fun challenge. There are certain rules to the gaming that you must pay attention to before playing so make sure you do this. -This game might seem confusing when you first start but hang in there, you will be a professional in no time.

In this game, there are special action features such as dropping bombs from the sky or even shooting rockets. The sound effects that go with these features are amazing and once you start playing, you will be addicted. The storyline is what really draws you into this game. It is interesting and genuinely makes you want to help the characters when they run into an issue. There are also five missions you need to complete. Each mission has it’s own unique puzzle. With 20 different cars in the game, you’ll be so busy looking at them all.