Fish Tycoon Game Review

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If you have never played Fish Tycoon, you are definitely missing out. This game was created for kids and young teens although adults can also play as well. Your goal within the game is to breed fish and take care of them. You must crossbreed the fish until you discover the seven magical fish in order to solve the genetics puzzle. This game is incredibly fun for those who are pet lovers or who are really into fish and sea life. It is like having your own virtual aquarium online.

In this game, you are responsible for purchasing fish food and medical supplies. You want to make sure your fish are healthy and eating right. Even if you have too many fish, you can sell them to the virtual pet store. This is a great way to save so this way you’ll have money to buy special fish plants and eggs. Once you have all the supplies you need, you will be able to make customizations in your virtual aquarium.

This game never stops - even when you are not playing. Let’s say you take a two hour break and come back to turn the computer on. Upon launching the game, you’ll notice something is different. The fish aren’t small any more and have doubled in size! There are also other surprises that will be waiting for you but we won’t spoil your fun just yet. You have to see for yourself.

  • There is a new surprise each time you restart the game. It doesn’t matter if you are gone for 20 minutes or a few days before playing again.
  • Find out what type of combinations will help discover what types of fish are used to produce offspring for the 7 Magic Fish. This is called the “Genetic Puzzle”.
  • Virtual Pet mode allows you to take care of your little pets right in their aquarium. It is better than having real fish since you don’t need to clean out the aquarium twice a week.
  • This is a virtual simulation game, meaning that the creators tried to be as real as possible when they created the game.
  • You will be able to test out your business skills and aquarium skills as well. The Tycoon Fish game actually has a few different ways of solving the puzzle.
  • Choose what fish you want to see in the built in screensaver. Everything is customizable when it comes to fish and decorations.You can also move items around in the tank if you wish.